Spinach Banana Smoothie: 3 Ingredients

Banana spinach smoothie recipe you’ll love

Ever stumbled upon an unexpectedly perfect combo?

That happened when I first tossed spinach and banana together in the blender. What emerged was more than just a smoothie; it was a revelation.

This spinach banana smoothie is your ticket to an energizing, nutrient-packed start to the day, with flavors that surprise and delight.

Trust me, one sip, and you’ll wonder how something so simple can taste so good.

Healthy and convenient spinach banana smoothie

Spinach banana smoothies are a fantastic choice for your daily routine. They’re packed with nutrients that keep you energized. Plus, they’re super easy to make. You can blend one up in minutes before heading out the door.

This smoothie combines leafy greens and sweet fruit. It’s a potent mix of vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Spinach is rich in iron and potassium.

Bananas add a creamy texture and natural sweetness without added sugar.

Here are some reasons why this drink stands out:

  • Quick to prepare
  • Uses ingredients you already have at home
  • Full of health benefits
  • Tasty enough for kids and adults alike

You’ll find it’s simpler than many other healthy recipes out there.

Remember this crucial tip to make the best spinach banana smoothie:

Blend frozen spinach nuggets, frozen banana slices, and oat milk for the most ideal consistency.

Why put spinach, banana, and oat milk together in a smoothie?

Health benefits

Spinach, banana, and oat milk are amazing for nutrition. You get a drink full of vitamins and minerals when you blend them.

  • Spinach is rich in iron and vitamin K. These nutrients help keep your blood healthy and bones strong.
  • Bananas add natural sweetness to the mix. They’re also packed with potassium, which helps your muscles work better.
  • Oat milk brings a creamy texture without dairy. It has beta-glucans, a soluble fiber that improves cholesterol levels and boosts heart health.

These ingredients not only taste good but make you feel great, too!

Pantry staples

You’ll often find bananas on your counter or in the fridge. Spinach might be tucked away in the freezer of a crisper drawer. And oat milk? It’s likely sitting right there on your pantry shelf.

Why does this matter? Because having these items handy means making a healthy choice is easy for you! You can whip up this smoothie anytime if these staples are around.

Plus, they last longer than other fruits or veggies might—especially oat milk! So when life gets busy, it’s simple to grab these three and go.

Ingredient recommendations

Recommended spinach

You’ll find frozen spinach nuggets to be perfect for your smoothie. They’re easy to store and blend well. Plus, they keep the drink cold and refreshing.

frozen spinach nuggets

When you use these nuggets, you skip washing and chopping. This saves time in your busy mornings. Grab a handful, toss them into the blender, and you’re ready.

Recommended banana

For sweetness and creaminess, add DIY frozen banana slices. Freezing your own bananas is simple: peel, slice, and then freeze them on a tray before storing them in bags in your freezer.

Using frozen bananas means no need for ice cubes that could water down your smoothie’s flavor.

Recommended oat milk

Choose oat milk brands known for their quality, like Oatly or Califia Farms. These give a rich texture without overpowering the taste of other ingredients.

Try one cup first; adjust according to how thick or thin you prefer your smoothies.

Add-ins or variations

To mix things up:

  • Toss in some chia seeds for extra fiber.
  • A scoop of protein powder can make it more filling.
  • Swap oat milk with a different milk of your choice or even coconut water.

Feel free to experiment with flavors like cinnamon or vanilla extract, too!

The 3-ingredient spinach banana smoothie recipe


For a single serving, you’ll need one banana’s worth of frozen banana slices, two frozen spinach nuggets, and a cup of oat milk.


  1. Pour the oat milk into your blender
  2. Add the banana slices
  3. Give it a preliminary whirr on the low setting of your blender
  4. Turn off the blender
  5. Add the spinach nuggets
  6. Secure the lid on your blender tightly
  7. Start blending everything on low and gradually increase the blender speed until you are on high and have a creamy mixture.
  8. If it’s too thick for you, feel free to add more milk until it reaches your desired consistency.

Nutritional information

A single serving of this banana, spinach and oat milk smoothie contains approximately: Calories: 200 Protein: 5 grams Fat: 2 grams Carbohydrates: 44 grams Fiber: 6 grams Sugar: 21 grams Sodium: 160 milligrams Vitamin A: 95% of the Daily Value (DV) Vitamin C: 35% of the DV Calcium: 25% of the DV Iron: 15% of the DV Please note that these values may vary depending on the specific brands and amounts of ingredients used in the recipe.

Final Remarks

Just last week, I found myself in a typical morning rush. I had snoozed my alarm one too many times and was running late for a meeting. 

Breakfast was the last thing on my mind, but I knew I couldn’t start my day on an empty stomach.

I remembered the smoothie recipe I had bookmarked from a blog post.

I quickly gathered the few ingredients – some frozen spinach, a banana, and a splash of oat milk – and tossed them into my blender. I

In less than two minutes, I had a delicious and nutritious smoothie.

It was a lifesaver.

It required minimal preparation, and almost no clean-up – just a quick rinse of the blender. The best part? I could take it with me and drink it on the go.

Plus, knowing I can customize it with whatever fruits or supplements I have on hand makes it perfect for someone like me who loves variety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add spinach to my banana smoothie?

Spinach is a nutritional powerhouse packed with vitamins and minerals. It blends well with the sweet banana taste, adding a health kick without overpowering the flavor.

Can I use fresh ingredients instead of frozen for this smoothie?

Absolutely! Fresh bananas and spinach work just as well. Frozen items give the smoothie a thicker texture and keep it cool.

What are the health benefits of this spinach banana smoothie?

This combo delivers fiber from bananas, iron from spinach, and hydrating properties from oat milk—great for energy, digestion, and hydration.

Is this spinach banana smoothie suitable for vegans?

Yes! The recipe uses oat milk, which is plant-based. Just ensure all your ingredients are free from animal products.

How can I make my spinach banana smoothie sweeter naturally?

Ripe bananas are essential—they’re sweeter than unripe ones. If you need an extra sweetness boost, add a pitted date or a splash of maple syrup!

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