Momentous decision needs serious planning

If you have decided to run an organic food restaurant, every aspect of your business must be thought through. This includes your restaurant type, its offers to the clients, the personnel and the cooking equipment you most definitely need and without which it would be almost impossible to run the restaurant.

 cooking utensils

The Staff

First of all you’ll need to hire at least one good cook, who will be able to prepare healthy and delicious meals for your customers. If you plan to open a self-service cafeteria, then you won’t need to hire waiters, but if it’s a conventional restaurant type, you’ll have to hire at least one or two waiters. You should also hire a bartender who will prepare drinks, and janitors to keep the place clean.

Restaurant Sectors

Your restaurant must be divided into particular zones. These zones are:

  • Warehouse
  • Washing place
  • Kitchen
  • Hall
  • Administrative corner
  • Room for Personnel

For every zone you’ll have to purchase different furniture and appliances. A warehouse is used for storing products and kitchen equipment. It needs storage shelves and refrigerators. You’ll have to purchase at least one or two refrigerators. When choosing them, the leading restaurant fridge manufacturer Castel would be a good choice. These high-quality fridges have humidity indicators, customizable temperature selection and many other convenient options.Restaurant Sectors planning

A washing place needs washing machines and dish shelves. When choosing a washing machine consider a German manufacturer KRUPPS. There are different sizes and models of the washing machines, but most importantly any KRUPPS machine quickly and efficiently cleans the fat and food leftovers from the dishes. The machine’s the average washing cycle is around two minutes.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is the key part of your restaurant. It needs to be subdivided into the vegetable, meat, and fish zones and have all the necessary equipment. This includes refrigerators for storing the products, a grill, butchers blocks, electric furnaces, blenders, bread machines and more, depending on the menu. When choosing all of the above mentioned utensils, the Italian firm UNOX would be the best choice. All of their appliances are of the highest quality; they are reliable and easy to use. Lastly, when choosing forks, knives, spoons and dishes, you may want to consider the Tramontina brand. This company is famous for producing the finest cutlery worldwide.

In conclusion, opening an organic food restaurant requires a lot of expenses. You’ll have to spend funds on your personnel, the rent, different zones of your restaurant and all of the needed cooking equipment. Yet the healthy food business niche is in trend today, and your new business will start to gain profits within only a few months after its opening. All you have to do is organize your restaurant properly, and eventually your hard work will pay off.

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  1. I have several ideas for a healthy food cafe. I would like to find interested people to create a project for a healthy food cafe.

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