Homemade Fruit Yoghurts

Many people all over the world eat yogurts every day, however, not many of them know how to make yogurt at home. The fact is, homemade yoghurts are easy to cook and do not require having any special equipment. The main rule is to give your yogurt some time to incubate. You can prepare it before going to bed and leave in a warm place overnight. As a rule, yoghurts are made of whole milk but skim or low-fat milk can be used as well. Here is an example of a homemade fruit yogurt.

You will need:

  • 500 ml milk
  • Some seasonal and dry fruits
  • Yoghurt culture
  • Mango, strawberry or any fruit pulp
  • Sugar

Put milk into a bowl and let it boil. Leave it cool to the temperature of 40C. Grab the fruits, carefully wash and peel them, cut in small pieces. Add fruit pulp with chopped fruits into the milk. Add 2 spoons of yoghurt culture and stir everything well. Leave the mixture to incubate in a warm place for 6-7 hours or, even better, overnight. After the yogurt has thickened, you can add some fruit syrup, nuts or even more berries on top of it. The dish is served cool.

Such a breakfast is considered a good alternative to cereal and is surely much more tasty and nutritious. In fact, the nutritious value of one berry yoghurt dish is around 700 kcal. It contains as much as 41 of fats, 8g of saturates, 53g of carbs, 45 g of sugars, 6 g of fibre and 28g of protein. This yogurt will not only keep you satisfied until lunch but will fill you with all the important energy-boosting vitamins.

In order to make the process quicker, you are free to cook a big batch of yoghurt and experiment with different recipes for several days. The more garden-stuff the better. For example, take as many fruits as you have in the fridge: apples, grapes, bananas, berries. Chop everything, add some raising and put the homemade yogurt on top. The nutritional profile of this dish per serving (300g) is as follows:

  • Vitamin B – 0.3mg
  • Vitamin C – 17 mg
  • Potassium – 723 mg
  • Phosphorus – 139 mg
  • Fibre – 5g

The recipe also contains other nutrients in smaller amounts. All other nutrients are sufficient to fulfil the daily need in various vitamins. What is more, more than one serving per day doubles or triples the amount of useful ingredients coming to the body.

Fruit yoghurts are easy and fast to cook. They provide a strong nutritious base to help you maintain healthy dieting and prevent a number of digestive problems. They are not only healthy but also an attractively looking food. Fruit yogurts are great substitutes to cereal breakfast as they are much tastier and definitely more nutrient rich.

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