Best Ideas for Fruit Smoothies

prepare smoothie

Smoothie is a thick drink, the main ingredients of which are blender crushed fruits, vegetables or berries. You may also add ice, juice, milk, yogurt, nuts, honey or even eggs. Today, there are many varieties of smoothies, among which everyone can choose what will be appropriate for him or her depending on the objective: weight…

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Momentous decision needs serious planning

cooking utensils

If you have decided to run an organic food restaurant, every aspect of your business must be thought through. This includes your restaurant type, its offers to the clients, the personnel and the cooking equipment you most definitely need and without which it would be almost impossible to run the restaurant. The Staff First of…

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Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are popular for a considerable reason. These delicious drinks are not only full of healthy ingredients but also are quite nourishing, despite the fact that they consist only of plant ingredients mostly. Most smoothie recipes allow combining milk, fruit, yogurt and other nutrients that fulfil the daily need of protein and nutrients for a…

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Homemade Fruit Yoghurts

Many people all over the world eat yogurts every day, however, not many of them know how to make yogurt at home. The fact is, homemade yoghurts are easy to cook and do not require having any special equipment. The main rule is to give your yogurt some time to incubate. You can prepare it…

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